Eliso Awards

To celebrate the 120th anniversary of Nato Vachnadze, our foundation is launching the Eliso Awards, a yearly event honoring Georgian filmmakers. 
The Eliso Awards will give financial prizes to the winners in three key categories: Best Acting, Best Directing, and Best Cinematography. The inaugural ceremony will have limited nominations, but the awards will expand to include more categories in the future.
We are committed to assisting filmmakers in navigating the challenges of making films in Georgia.
The Eliso Award is the only cinema award in the country. This initiative will provide much-needed financial and professional support to the filmmakers. We believe that empowering people will create a lasting impact on Georgia’s film industry.
‘My parents, Nikoloz Shengelaia and Nato Vachnadze, always deeply cared about the development of cinema, and they were renowned for supporting people around them. I couldn’t think of a better way to honor their legacy than by creating an award that empowers filmmakers today. I strongly believe that ‘Eliso’ is the most important film in our family.’ – Eldar Shengelaia

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